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Start with a single chip and let your ideas run wild. With our products, you can make it go faster, travel further and rely on it to plug-and-play.

The DME 1018 Family is a series of low energy Bluetooth system-on-chips delivering Bluetooth v4.2 with mesh connectivity. Offer more to your users and differentiate your products with premium features, such as longest range, 3-year battery life and cloud connection via IPv6. We engineered our chips to give you maximum design flexibility, along with small form factor, so you can create a product that matches your vision.


How it Works

Newest Bluetooth Specification

The DME 1018 delivers Bluetooth version 4.2 with the new mesh specification. This upgrade brings a host of new features that enhance speed and reliability. Devices can sync data up to 2.5x faster, with a 10x increase in packet capacity. Dramatically improved data transfer speed won't hit battery life due to advances in power efficiency. New support for IPv6 Ready means devices are cloud connected without the need for a separate gateway. Your products are smarter, more flexible and interconnected with other Smart Things - even when out of direct range.

Feel the difference when v4.2 is combined with the DME 1018's premium features. Take a small toy drone as an example. Imagine if you had smoother controls, can play with it for longer and further, recharge it less and change its LED colors mid-flight. Oh, and you can also share interactions with a friend and track flight patterns both on an app and online with new IPv6 functionality. Isn't that be more fun?

Complete-Hardware Baseband Design

Our chips are re-imagined and built from the ground up. Our ultra-low power design is driven by an industry leading baseband that is completely hardware implemented. Think of the baseband as the engine of a chip. It performs a set of fundamentally defined rules, called protocols, to communicate among devices. But instead of horsepower, its performance is measured by how much battery it can conserve, data transfer speed and processing power efficiency.

By implementing these protocols completely through hardware (rather than through a mix of software and hardware), the DME 1018 can minimize power consumption. Our baseband self-adjusts power performance based on the application's needs and can completely shut down when in deep-sleep mode. As a result, the chip can achieve a 3-year battery life on a single coin-cell. The design also significantly shortens the time spent to execute the protocols and frees up MPU processing power for application-optimized solutions. In sum, our baseband is precisely engineered to enhance performance. It provides additional memory and processing power to give an extra boost to your application.